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The purposes of this research were to find out how appropriate the lesson plan designed by the two teachers with the standard of a lesson plan and how appropriate the lesson plan designed by the two teachers with its implementation. The researcher used qualitative approach in the form of descriptive qualitative in this research. The informants of this research were two English teachers in Ashhabul Yamin Boarding school who taught at MTS and MA level. The data were obtained by document analyisis, observation sheet and interview. The result of this research showed two findings. First, there was inappropriate between lesson plan designed by the two teachers with a standar of a lesson plan. Teacher A missed core competence, subject matter, and attachment. Meanwhile, Teacher B missed the indicator of competences achievement, the media, the sources, aspect attitude in assessment and attachment. Second, there was inappropriate between lesson plan designed by the teacher with its implementation. Both teachers did not follow the lesson plan in teaching and learning process, such as the method, the media, the steps of teaching and sometimes they did not assess students based on the aspect that they planned in the lesson


English Language Teaching Lesson Plan Teaching and Learning Process

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Arsy, A., & Syahrul. (2022). The Implementation of English Teachers’ Lesson Plan in Teaching and Learning Process in Ashhabul Yamin Boarding School. FOSTER: Journal of English Language Teaching, 3(2), 90-100.


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